by Dr. Noa Kageyama

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Learn performance psychology fundamentals that will help you overcome anxiety and perform at your very best under pressure.


Have you ever wondered why you can play at a high level when you're practicing alone at home, but as soon as you play in front of other people, your hands start shaking, your heart starts racing, and everything begins to fall apart? If you have ever felt crippled by anxiety, this four-module course is your first step to developing the psychological skills that will help you perform at your best under pressure. Created by Juilliard’s Dr. Noa Kageyama, whose performance psychology classes are a favorite among Juilliard music students, the course combines applied exercises, insights gleaned from interviews with renowned performers, and research in performance psychology and motor learning. You will learn how to overcome your fears around performing in front of an audience and discover how universal the experience of performance anxiety is amongst musicians at all levels – from beginner to professional. The three psychological skills covered in this course are: Practice that Sticks; Beating Anxiety; Getting (and Staying) in the Zone.


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