by Tara Askham , Josie Adams

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Start learning at your own pace to get a qualification and a career in business and finance, with this introduction level course from ACCA-X.


Interested in a career in business? Knowledge of accounting will be key to your success. By studying at your own pace, this Introduction to Bookkeeping course is an ideal starting point if you want to: Start a career in business, finance or accountancy Study business or finance at school or college Launch your own start-up Prepare for ACCA’s exam in Recording Financial Transactions (FA1) And the best thing is you do not need any previous knowledge of accounting - simply sign up and start learning straight away. Course discussions will be moderated. This course does not offer an edX certificate. However, you can earn the ACCA Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting by registering with ACCA as a student, passing the ACCA’s exams in Recording Financial Transactions (FA1) and Management Information (MA1) and completing a free online module called "Foundations in Professionalism." A free exam preparation course for MA1, called Introduction to Management Accounting, is also available through ACCA-X.


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