by Mariana Palmeiro

Starting Time January 13, 2020

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Understand the methods and tools you can use to increase sales, reduce costs and maximize profits in spas and wellness centers.


Learn how to achieve the best results in spa and wellness centers

Discover ways to ensure your spa or wellness center is financially successful with this course taught by experts in the spa and wellness industry.

On the course you will explore impotant financial concepts and strategies, and learn how to apply them to your own spa or wellness center. You will get to grips with financial statements, revenue management principles, KPIs, and more. You should leave the course confident in your ability to improve the financial performance of spa and wellness centres.

This course is for spa and hospitality professionals responsible for, or involved in, the finances or operations of spa real estate or spa investments. It is also suitable for those working in spa financing and asset management.

Some proficiency with Excel will be helpful
Some principles of finance are preferred but not required


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