Starting Time May 13, 2019

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Understand the importance of employee wellbeing, and consider different definitions of and theoretical approaches to wellbeing.


Explore the theory and importance of good wellbeing at work

Why is employee wellbeing important? How has employee wellbeing previously been defined and what is its impact on our working lives?

Get answers to these questions and more on this course, exploring key definitions of wellbeing at work. You will consider the reach of theoretical approaches to wellbeing from occupational psychology and explore both positive and negative aspects of workplace welfare.

You will also be introduced to methods of assessing employee wellbeing, gain an overview of the key issues related to wellbeing at work, and consider the factors affecting wellbeing.

This course is for anyone looking to gain a greater insight into wellbeing at work.

The course is also part of the MSc Business and Organisational Psychology, accredited by the Association for Business Psychology.


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