by Matt Stanfield-Jenner

Starting Time October 25, 2021

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Learn the basics of HTML code, gain expert insights into web development, and decide if the industry is right for you.


Kick-start your career in web-based software development

The web design and development industry is growing exponentially and offers several exciting employment opportunities. Many people perceive this field as too complex, assume they won’t understand the material and therefore don’t consider it as a viable job prospect.

This four-week course, created in collaboration with GitHub, uses simple tools and clear explanations to demystify software development. You’ll understand the technology used to create something you use every day, a web page, and will gain the confidence you need to consider a career in web development.

Master front end development basics

Front end development, or the development of a webpage’s user interface, is simpler to learn than back end development (which involves servers, applications, and databases that users can’t see).

With this in mind, the course focuses on a simple front end language (HTML) to familiarise you with the technology and development process used to create a basic web page. As you create your own web page, you’re able to view it in real-time, in a browser window, making lesson material easy to grasp.

Create web pages you’re proud of

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create well-built code that displays as attractive, user-friendly web pages. You’ll cover text formatting, page structuring, and the embedding of media and hyperlinks using HTML code.

You’ll also learn how to test and debug web pages and how to style pages using the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) programming language. Once you’ve worked through the course material you’ll have a good idea of whether you’d like to study software development further.

Learn with the best

This CSS and HTML course provides learners with technical and transferable skills and an excellent introduction to the world of front end coding.

This course is designed for people who are learning HTML and CSS, or who are considering careers in software development. By explaining basic website functions, it gives a good idea of what working in this industry is like.


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