by Richard Baldwin

Starting Time April 15, 2019

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Explore the pressing topic of globalisation and how it affects economics, politics and society with this online course.


Explore globalisation and its impact on society past, present and future.

Understanding globalisation – a topic that dominates political and economic discourse worldwide – is important for anyone who cares about our planet’s future and wants to help shape it. This online course introduces economic globalisation, and its impact on society past and present.

We’ll explore globalisation’s historical impact on humanity and the world’s economic geography; the broad-brush economics that explain how and why globalisation affects our lives; and how changes in globalisation require new approaches to economic and social policy.

The course is aimed primarily at people interested in world events and global trends. You could be a social science or business student, or a decision maker in the public or private sector. No prior experience or qualifications are required.


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