by Neil Morris

Starting Time March 11, 2019

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What is the future of universities? Explore current issues affecting higher education with a course featuring brand new research.


Discover the phenomenon of unbundling and how it affects higher education

Market forces and technology are changing the landscape of higher education. This course, a unique collaboration between two leading universities, explores one of the key changes in the context of global inequality: the unbundling of higher education.

You will learn about the concept of ‘unbundling’ and how the disaggregation of university degrees into component parts is affected by digital technology. You will explore the marketisation of higher education and investigate the implications of unbundling for not only the sector, but different stakeholder groups.

The research presented in this course will be useful to a wide range of stakeholders and senior decision makers within higher education. You might be a university manager, a strategist or head of a teaching and learning unit.

The course is also ideal for policy makers within governments, as the research has implications for education policy, and people interested in the future of higher education.


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