by Christophe Bontemps

Starting Time March 11, 2019

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Learn how to use pricing strategies to increase revenue, and set the right price for the right person at the right time.


Demystify differential pricing and revenue management

How do airlines, hotels, resorts and other organisations manage their prices? Why are these prices apparently unrelated to costs and different for each consumer? And what are the underlying reasons and processes behind these prices?

On this course you’ll answer these questions and more. You will consider the pricing strategies of different industries and explore the mechanisms at the core of differential pricing and revenue management.

Through the course you will apply your learning to practical pricing problems, pricing simulation games and interactive case studies.

This course is for any professionals looking to apply pricing strategy and revenue management techniques to their organisation. It will also be useful to students of economics and business as well as everyday consumers keen to understand why and how prices vary.


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