by Deepa Iyer, Julian Vanderhost, Sylvie Charpentier, Dan Watters

Dates: April 9, 2019 - May 15, 2019

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This free online course aims to explain how to apply a design-led approach for the Intelligent Enterprise, to provide the best user experience and successfully create well-designed software applications.


Course Summary

The way users interact with software applications, products, and services is changing more than ever. Enterprises are expected to keep up with these changes while also providing delightful experiences that meet the needs of the customer and users. How do companies keep up with the rapid change in the marketplace and consumer behavior? We’ll share with you a design-led approach that will enable you to build great products for the Intelligent Enterprise.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Why using a design-led approach matters and what its benefits are
  • How to scope and plan for a design-led project
  • How to conduct user research and gain insights from your discoveries
  • How to move from concept to interaction patterns and designs
  • The steps needed to deliver a delightful application

Here is what some participants are saying about the course:

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  • "I enjoyed this course and the practical hands on assignments in week 3 and 4. I could see its usefulness and application to my my work and it reinforces methodologies which I have been using for new product development and campaign creation. …" Read the original post

Course Characteristics

Course Structure

Each class is designed to support your learning

  • Video Lectures – Design practitioners present topics with real-world examples
  • Graded Assignments – Short assignments help you assess your understanding of the lectures. You'll receive points for the assignments and these points count towards a record of achievement for this course.
  • Weekly Challenges – Small, manageable exercises related to and extending the class topics, to be completed individually or in collaboration with other learners.
  • Peer Assessment – This course contains a research challenge in which you’ll submit your work and evaluate your peers. For this task, you can earn points towards a record of achievement as well.
  • Further Reading and Resources – Links to additional material as well as domain experts.

Course Content

Week 1: Overview of SAP’s Design-Led Approach
Week 2: Scope a Design-Led Project
Week 3: Understand Users and Derive Insights
Week 4: Design Your Enterprise Application
Week 5: Deliver a Delightful Application

Target Audience

  • Product managers, project managers, designers, and developers
  • Anyone interested in learning and practicing a design-led approach for Intelligent Enterprise application development


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