by David Girling

Starting Time June 7, 2021

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Explore how the media can help to tackle poverty and inequality all around the world.


Learn why the media matters for international development

This comprehensive four-week course will show you the ways that international development is conceptualised, imagined and communicated as an area of study.

You’ll decipher the ways in which these understandings impact individuals living in different parts of the world, and how the media can shape, address and enhance key ideas and debates.

Discover the integral role of the media in international development

Through a range of different case studies - including in Kenya’s capital Nairobi - you’ll discover the integral role of the media and communication in development processes and social change.

You’ll address key ideas, concepts and debates about media representations of development, community media, participatory media, public media and the use of social media within international development campaigns.

Identify how the media can tackle uneven international development

You’ll also get to grips with how the media can tackle uneven international development - and the poverty that comes with it - as well as how the media can promote further development.

Learn from international development experts at the University of East Anglia (UEA)

The School of International Development at UEA is a leading global centre of excellence in research and teaching in international development.

You’ll be learning from experts within the international development field, and will be under the guidance of academics who regularly advise on policies for poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

This course focuses on key debates within the studies of international development and diversity. It therefore will be best suited to anyone considering studying or working within these fields.


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