by Andy Lancaster

Starting Time July 8, 2019

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Get an introduction to people management and develop your own management style.


Discover how to become a confident line manager

Line managers play an important role in organisations, from the day-to-day management of people to the implementation of company policy.

But the journey to becoming a line manager can be challenging, with new managers often feeling overwhelmed.

On this course, you’ll get an introduction to people management, and explore different management styles.

You’ll learn about best practice processes in recruitment and induction, and identify market trends that will impact your organisation.

You’ll discover how to develop teams and individuals, and manage good workplace performance.

This course is aimed at new and aspiring people managers (line managers). It may also be of interest to small to medium sized organisations that do not have the support of an HR function.

This course has been developed by the CIPD with the financial support of JPMorgan Chase Foundation.


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