by Zsuzsanna Bárkányi

Starting Time September 9, 2019

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Learn how to talk about your hobbies and free time, and your likes and dislikes in the fourth Spanish for Beginners course.



This free online course is the fourth of six in the Spanish for Beginners program. It will introduce you to the language that you need to:

  • talk about your hobbies and leisure time, such as sports and music;
  • talk about healthy living;
  • talk about what you like and dislike;
  • talk about what you prefer;
  • give reasons, express your opinion, and agree and disagree with others.

Learn Spanish to talk about your hobbies and interests

During the four weeks of the course, you will learn vocabulary and expressions to talk about your leisure time, such as what you do in your free time at home, like reading or watching TV, or outdoors.

You will learn vocabulary to talk about sports and healthy lifestyles, about musical instruments, and about historical or modern buildings that you might see in your travels.

You will also learn how to talk about what you like, and about what you are not so keen on, using the verb gustar (to like) and preferir (to prefer).

By now, you will be halfway through the Spanish for Beginners program, and you will be growing in confidence. You will be coming across longer texts in Spanish, and will have to read some of them for gist, so you understand what they are about even if you don’t understand all the words.

You will learn about Ecuador, and its capital, Quito, and about Latin dance too.

This course is aimed at people with little prior knowledge of Spanish, who want to learn the basic language and find out about the Spanish-speaking world. The course assumes that you have already studied the previous three courses in the Spanish for Beginners program. This course is taught through English.


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