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MOOCs offer a modern and cost efficient way to educate employees. Identify suitable courses and create recommendations. Use the group statistics to keep track of your employees activities. Make enrollments mandatory and generate reports on the learning progress with our enterprise edition.


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class rooms

Extend your lectures with MOOCs and manage your student’s course participation. Invite your students to a group to monitor the status of submitted homeworks and exams. Retrieve group statistics and information on which student has successfully completed a course.


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Find online courses matching your profile and exchange your experience with friends. With mammooc you can create reminders for courses, recommend them and add them to the list of your current enrollments. Connect your account with MOOC providers to keep track of your progress.

Find courses of different providers. mammooc as MOOC aggregator.

Search for a topic, filter the results based on your ideas and read reviews written by other mammooc users. Create a reminder for a course to receive an email notification when the course starts. Keep track of your learning progress and archive your certifications in a central place.

Create groups. mammooc for communities.

No matter, whether it’s for a department, a school class or a personal learning group: mammooc supports people in a joint learning effort. This way, current enrollments, learning progress and completions can be shared. Additionally, recommendations can be sent to individuals and groups. Automatically generated statistics inform about activities of the group.

mammooc! Managing All My MOOCs.

mammooc's innovative approach makes it possible to put all your learning efforts in a central place. With openSAP and openHPI we have already been able to create partnerships. Our goal is to create additional cooperations to get the most out of mammooc. With connected accounts, course progress can be kept up to date.

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